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Living issue n.30 April 2008 pg. 79
Seated on gold! A must for the manager showing off his success: Viva Luxury, a jewel-chair signed by Pietro Lovato for Moving. Gold, diamonds, emeralds and crocodile skin. This blend of goldsmith’s art and technology is € 200.000,00 worth, and has already found many purchasers, also amongst the European. Has really Byzantium moved to the old Continent?
Habitat ufficio issue n.143 pg. 43
Viva Luxury, the jewel-chair of gold, diamonds and crocodile skin signed by Pietro Lovato, is born from an extraordinary blend of goldsmith’s art and technology. Wholly manufactured in Italy, by the Veneto based firm MOVING, Viva Luxury gathered enthusiastic ovations from the visitors who crowded the pavilions of the Luxury Expo in Vicenza.
Casa & Giardino issue n.366 May 2008 pg. 81
The challenge from Moving to the feeling of luxury is the chair upholstered in genuine crocodile skin. Two-lever tilt mechanism, 5 locking/unlocking positions of the backerest, antishock system. Manufactured with gold, diamonds or emeralds finishing.
Designed in Trissino, Viva Luxury is a sophisticated blend of goldsmith’s art and technology…. The brightness of gold and diamonds melts together with the elegance of two oval-cut emeralds placed in the frontal settings.
YACHTSMAN issue n.2 July 2008
Viva Luxury is the first jewel-chair, upholstered in crocodile skin, embellished by 24k gold, 222 diamonds and precious gemstones.
MOVING Srl - Via dell' Artigianato 1, 36070 Trissino (VI) Italy - Tel.: 0445/490777 Fax: 0445/490008
Reg.Imp. Vicenza n° 03196280246 - C.s. 100.000€ iv
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